Vestor Estate

Estate brand as you see it told us his story with some details of the process and revealed the sense of every element that created the wholesome Vestor picture.

That is why we chose Vestor. It’s a morpheme of “investment” and “estate.” Moreover, in English, there is an adjective “vested,” which means “legitimate,” “rightful,” and completely correlates with the company and its activity.

The logo of the company was created in a way that doesn’t require any additional context. At the same time, it is the name of the website. The other symbols – V sign, triangles with fragments are implemented to enhance the context. Using them separately, in print media, merch or online we create the visual culture of the brand. It’s a much more elegant way of communication than simple replication of “logo-sign-pattern.” The visual system, consisting of all these elements, is more durable and capable of self-development.

Triangle is a closed V symbol. We used the architectural motives of real Kyiv historical buildings inside these forms. The method is “old in modern,” all the elements are drawn using only lines and circle. Thus, with every line, we transmit one of the company activities – renovation.