Semiotics and Principles of Design

Our visual brandBeerteka's visual system is rooted in the principle of modularity, inspired by the display of bottles on shelves, lined barrels, and repeating shapes and patterns on walls. The four consonants in BRTK serve as anchor points for the visual identity system, with all chapters thematically divided into four parts. This creates a convenient tact for the adjacent use of elements. The use of a straight line and a circle in creating element shapes mirrors the style of Beerteka's interior. The metaphor of copper curved tubes is frequently used in both textures and the geometry of shapes. Biomechanics-style graphics are used as a metaphor for the continuous synergy of people and mechanisms in the life of a restaurant. identity for Eladrea is centered around a powerful dragon, a symbol of strength and courage that captures the essence of our game. With intricate details and bold design, the dragon logo embodies the majesty and power of the FantasyVerse we've created.

Visual Identity System

Beerteka's visual identity system is based on a coordinate system with four planes, each with its symbol and characteristic emotion. The graphics contain elements of the biomechanics style, with a focus on the combination of people and machinery. The shapes of all elements are created using a straight line and a circle, which reflects the style of the interior. The metaphor of copper curved tubes is often used, both in textures and in shape geometry. The visual identity system has a rhythm of four, which can be traced in all sections of the developed system. This creates order and logic in the overall structure of the identity system.